Fan fiction Guide

Tips to Writing Fan-fiction Stories


The writer must decide for the official story of what he or she will write. The author is the one who will set up the world and the characters that would live in it. The reader cannot possibly enjoy the story if he or she would go against the plot the author has established. It is very important for a writer to be familiar with the world he or she is writing in order to easily manipulate the story.


Basically, writers would think about all the possibilities that could happen that relates to the official story he or she has decided. It would be helpful if the writer would put into writing every thought he or she can think of; organization of events can take place after. One must remember that this is fiction and you can write just about anything, because you are creating another world.


If you are planning to include sensitive topics on your story, make sure that your story summary warns your readers about the topics. There are readers that prefer to avoid certain stories that is why it is important to indicate it on the summary.


After completing the whole story, the writer must have an editor to proofread his or her work. It is important to have another person to check the work to determine minimal or major mistakes such as spelling, grammar and sentence construction. Professionals or even famous writers should submit to their editor.


The writer should remember not to praise his or her work in the summary, the story will speak for itself. The writer would know if the readers loved the story if they would recommend it to people around and then the sales would raise. Also, one way to get some reviews for your story is to take some time to review other authors' books and give them reviews. For more facts and information about fan fiction, you can go to


There are websites accepting stories from different writers for publishing to help in raising their reviews. However, writers should follow the rules in order for these sites to accept your work. It is important to check out the submission guidelines before submitting a story. This would be easier and less embarrassing that getting your work pulled off for noncompliance.


For beginners, they can easily look for tips over the internet on how to start their story. There are writers that have their official websites and they are very much willing to answer questions from different writers. Click here to go to the fanfiction website