Fan fiction Guide

The Main Genres Of Fanfiction


As a publisher or creator of different pieces of work, it is good to expect criticism and compliments from different fans. The perception of different readers or viewers will always differ to some extent since how we perceive different things in our environment can always arouse different arguments. Fans tend to appreciate those publishers or writers who give the fans a chance to comment on their work and suggest different ways of making the publications or creations more attractive.


As a publisher or creator, it is always advisable to take into account the different recommendations and suggestions brought forward by the fans, since they are the ones who determine to a great extent how renowned or famous we can become by acting as our fan base. We can also allow those fans that are highly skilled at fan fiction writing to write about our publications and creations.


Fanfiction is referred to a type of fiction created by fans that mainly revolves around different settings or characters from different original works of fiction. It is highly considered as a common type of fan labor that in most cases is authorized or rarely commissioned by the owner of the original work. Fanfiction may either infringe or not infringe on the copyright of the original owner highly depending on the jurisdiction used. Different fanfiction writers use their different skills to target other fans who could be interested in reading their different stories. You can also learn more about fan fiction by checking out the post at


The original story from the original publisher or creator can be referred as canon. Canon basically refers to the different things that relate to the original source of the work such as the character, settings and plot developments.


Fanfictions from can be categorized in different genres which include; adventure, comfort, romance, misery, songfic and slash fiction among others. All these types of genres have unique features that make them different from the other genres of fanfiction. Fanfictions that are categorized under adventure greatly focus on the actions, theme, settings and the overshadowing characters as the key elements. The main conflict that arises in this type of genre mainly involves man and nature.


The genre of comfort in fanfiction involves different characters who are put through different traumatizing experiences so as to be comforted. The genre of mystery generally involves one or more elements that are left unexplained or unknown until the story ends. Romance as a genre in elsanna fanfiction basically involves romance as the backbone of the story. All these different genres will attract different fans who will ensure that they have all the latest publications within their disposal.

Fanfiction should be encouraged so as to help different publishers to get feedback from fans and also to allow direct communication with different authors and readers who end up bonding at the end.