Fan fiction Guide

How to Find the Best Fan Fiction Online


A fanfiction website can be loved by people of this generation. Some of the people who write fan fiction are those who want to create an alternate story of what they are fans of. It can be a TV show or a movie that they want to change the storyline. It can be a make-believe story of a boyband some girls are following and are fans of. Of course, some of the fiction written online can be terribly bad, they are not written by professionals in the first place. Some of the authors of fan fiction are non-writers and just make a hobby out of their passion for their favorites. But, you will be amazed to know there are thousands of well-written fiction stories out there. It is a matter of knowing how to find them and you can enjoy reading fiction stories written in a way you may not be expecting them to be.


You can try doing some online search. Probably you will end up with a nice site that is a good repository of fan fiction if you search via search engines. More often, those with good content end up high of the page rankings. Thus, there is a good chance you will be having some fine fan fiction to read during your spare time or for entertainment.


Social media can also be a good source where to score some nice fan fiction to read from Some of the good writers have their own accounts on the top social networking sites. Probably, they can share tidbits of their writings and from there you can click on a link to let you go to a site where you can finish the reading from there.


There are some communities online that are tied with social media sites that you can join in to sniff out where to get the nicest and juiciest stories for fans like you. Fan fiction online needs to have more readers and thus they need to leverage the power of the social media to draw more readers like you to the path where they can have more eyeballs to read their stories. If you want to learn more about fanfiction, you can visit


Finally hp fanfics, you can learn more about how to get some fan fiction from friends that you share the same passion with. Co-fans are able to give you information where to find the nicest fan fiction on the Internet that you will surely enjoy reading.